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2010-02-23 18:34:45 by DominatorDom

ok to anyone who sees this i have just started on this awsome new site called lockerz!

basicly you watch vids and play games and vote to get points, then you can trade these points for awsome prizes ! ive searched all over the web and they actualy pay out! you can get consoles, games, ipods. laptops and etc, at very accesable points, for example i got 50 points in 3 days and a new game like left for dead 2 is 100 points!

the catch is you can only get on by invite, so if you are interested pm me your email (no pass, im not gonna hack your email) and i will send you an invite.

skeptic? google it ! and then pm me xD
peace out!

mahh NG Tank xD

2008-04-07 15:49:08 by DominatorDom

my custom NG tank .. photoshoped it ... well i know im not good at photoshop but i tryed

mahh NG Tank xD

new new post pic AND profile image

2008-03-05 16:11:26 by DominatorDom

going for the all out akuma/shin gouki look xD ... thought it would go well and its taken me a while to do in photoshop but i think it was worth it.. HADOOOKEN !!


2008-02-23 14:57:36 by DominatorDom

new banner woot !!! lol took me ages but its done

well im bored

2008-02-12 12:16:02 by DominatorDom

anyone like my new icon for my posts :D ... thats what i would say if anyone came to my profile xP .. so im just here talking to myself again !!


2007-12-22 09:57:03 by DominatorDom

haleluya i made it !!! 2000 points and ranked up ! police captain and i bad ass badge to go with it !! woop ! cant touch this !

500 points !!

2007-10-19 17:11:37 by DominatorDom

500 points to rank up !!!! OMG !!! WHO DO THEY THINK I AM ? SUPERMAN ?


2007-09-23 11:14:44 by DominatorDom

Rank 3 O_O ... 100 points in 1 day O_O ... how the hell?


2007-09-16 07:34:03 by DominatorDom

didnt even know this was here lol !!! O_O my 1st post lol